2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: Francophone teams remain alive and kicking

Following an intense group stage, 16 of the 32 teams made it to the second and final phase of the World Cup and the teams scoring higher in the CRIF World Cup Score are among them (see our initial study with a description of the methodology).

Belgium, France (tier 1 teams) and Switzerland (tier 2 team) classified to the next phase of the 2018 World Cup. Belgium (CRIF World Cup Score: 90 points) will face Japan (63 points) and is the favorite to pass to the quarterfinals. France, with 90 points, will face fierce competition from Argentina, which scores 38, but is also a favorite to pass to the quarterfinals. Finally, Switzerland (75 points) will face Sweden (48 points), with the latter passing as first of its group, knocking the former World Cup champion Germany (53 points) out of the competition.

Against market’s expectations, we mentioned in our previous report that Germany scored relatively low in the CRIF World Cup Score due to its very young team (25.7 years on average) and the relatively weak economic growth of past years (+0.9%), which are not within our established parameters for a champion in this tournament. Moreover, Germany won the 2014 World Cup and, generally, a former champion does not repeat its success in the next tournament.

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